• About ME


    I'm a postdoctoral fellow in philosophy at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and a member of the project group 'Regulatory theories of Artificial Intelligence' at the 'Centre Responsible Digitalization'. My research focuses on topics in applied ethics/ethics of technology, political philosophy, moral psychology, metaethics and normative ethics.

    Prior to coming to Frankfurt, I held positions at KIT Karlsruhe and RWTH Aachen University. I received my philosophical training at Tübingen University (Magister, PhD), Cambridge University (MPhil, visiting PhD student), and Sciences Po Paris (visiting student).

    I am the Managing Editor of Moral Philosophy and Politics.



    Upcoming talks

    • July 13, 2022: "Justice and Coercion", Tübingen Graduate Seminar for Practical Philosophy
  • Research



    • 2022, Problems for Moral Debunkers: On the Logic and Limits of Empirically Informed Ethics. De Gruyter.


    Edited works

    • forthcoming, topical collection of Philosophy & Technology on 'AI and Responsibility' (with Niel Conradie and Hendrik Kempt)
    • forthcoming, special issue of Ethical Theory and Moral Practice on 'Moral Psychology and the Goals of Moral Education' (with Gregor Hochstetter)
    • 2020, special issue of Moral Philosophy and Politics (7/1) on 'The Ethics of State Mass Surveillance'.



    • forthcoming, "Why be a subjectivist about wellbeing?", Canadian Journal of Philosophy.
    • forthcoming, "Artificial Intelligence and Responsibility Gaps: What is the Problem?", Ethics & Information Technology.
    • 2022, "Government Surveillance, Privacy, and Legitimacy", Philosophy & Technology (35), pp. 1-22. published version
    • 2021, "Paradoxes of Toleration", in M. Sardoč (ed.): Palgrave Handbook of Toleration (pp. 93-108). Palgrave Macmillan.
    • 2021, “The Simplicity of Toleration”, Critical Review of Social and Political Philosophy, (24/1), pp. 5-24. postprint (pdf)
    • 2020, "Introduction to the Special Issue on the Ethics of State Mass Surveillance", Moral Philosophy and Politics (7), pp. 1-8. postprint (pdf)
    • 2020, "Experimental Ethics, Intuitions, and Morally Irrelevant Factors", Philosophical Studies (177), pp. 2605-2623. postprint (pdf)
    • 2018, “Evolutionary Skepticism about Morality and Prudential Normativity”, Philosophia (46), pp. 911-928. postprint (pdf)
    • 2018, "On the normative insignificance of neuroscience and dual-process theory", Neuroethics (11), pp. 195-209. postprint (pdf)
    • 2018, “Two Types of Debunking Arguments”, Philosophical Psychology (31), pp. 383-402. postprint (pdf) I published version
    • 2016, “Die Idee der Toleranz”, Zeitschrift für philosophische Forschung (70), pp. 424-448. postprint (pdf)
    • 2015, „Pierre Bayles Verteidigung des irrenden Gewissens und das Paradox der Toleranz“, Archiv für Rechts- und Sozialphilosophie (101), pp. 1-16. published version (pdf)
    • 2013, „Was Toleranz ist, was sie nicht ist, und wie man sie nicht rechtfertigen kann“, Zeitschrift für philosophische Forschung (67), pp. 473-490. postprint (pdf)
    • 2013, „The expressivist account of punishment, retribution, and the emotions”, Ethical Theory and Moral Practice (16), pp. 1029-1047. philpapers
    • 2012, “Patriotism. A Case Study in the Philosophy of Emotions”, in Grazer Philosophische Studien (85), pp. 299-309.


    Sadly, I have not published on the healing power of coconuts, nor do I specialize in underwater carp fishing.

  • Teaching


    • "Die Ethik des Krieges" (Aachen, 2021) syllabus
    • "Wirtschaftsethik" (Aachen, 2020/21) syllabus
    • "Risikoethik" (Aachen, 2020) syllabus
    • Reading Club (Co-chair, Aachen, 2020)
    • "John Rawls: A Theory of Justice“ (Tübingen, 2015/16)
    • „Robert Nozick: Anarchy, State, and Utopia“ (Tübingen, 2015/16)
    • „Einführung in die Politische Philosophie – Demokratietheorie der Gegenwart“ (Tübingen, 2015)
    • “Einführung in die Politische Philosophie - Toleranztheorien" (Tübingen, 2014/15)
    • „Debunking-Argumente in der Ethik“ (Tübingen, 2013/14)